What is a Cylinder Lock?

A cylinder lock is one of the most common forms of locks, seen in padlocks and throughout homes and businesses. A cylinder is basically a lock

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with a cylinder mechanism that is opened by a key. The disadvantage to a cylinder lock is that it can often be defeated by thieves reasonably easily. However, the cylinder also offers a number of advantages.

  • A cylinder lock can be rekeyed easily. All that’s needed to begin the process to rekey a cylinder lock is to remove the lock mechanism. This can be accomplished by removing the screws that attach the lock to the bolt work. If a key has been lost, for example, the entire lock does not need to be replaced. Instead, the cylinder is removed from the bolt assembly and the rekeying work can be completed.
  • A master key can open many cylinder locks. There are many instances, both at home and in businesses, where it is helpful to have a variety of locks opened by the same master key. A cylinder lock makes this process fairly easy to put into place. The main advantage is not having to carry so many keys and reducing the confusion of grabbing the wrong key to enter or exit a door.
  • Require different keys for each lock. The flexibility of the cylinder lock also allows different keys to be set for each lock. That could come in use at a business where access to certain areas is limited to supervisors who are given the correct set of keys. Instead of having all doors open with the same key, employee access can be limited to those given the set of keys that opens the particular door.
  • Have different types of locks with a master key. Cylinder locks are used in many different formats that can be all opened by the same master key. This includes locks such as deadbolts, roller door locks, night latches and even padlocks. So in a business setting, this reduces the number of different keys that must be kept by workers or security personnel, making it much easier to open any lock if there is an emergency or time is of the essence.



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