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Rekey Service

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Rekeying is the cheaper alternative to changing out your broken lock. Rekeying allows a user to disable the current key and establishes a new operating key. However, we understand that you have problems from time to time. Irrespective of your issue, it’s our duty to help you out. We use locks on a daily basis to protect the important things in life without anyone intruding your personal space. But if any mishap happens we have a solution for it. No need for extensive waiting for your locking service to come, we give our services every day and at an unrivaled time.

Quick Service: Our rekeying process is fast and efficient. No matter how old the design of the lock is we will help you get it rekeyed. With the best people on board, you cannot go wrong with Rekey Serviceyour decision to choose Surf Locksmith. Most noteworthy, we make sure to keep our customers happy and satisfied when the job is done. With your valuable feedback, we grow to be more efficient, better and resilient to any mishap.

It can be hard to get services to rekey your lock. Your needs may vary from revoking access to the premises or others. We will take the least amount of time to solve your issues with the quickest delivery you have ever experienced. In addition, we keep in mind what our customer needs and the delivery they deserve. We make sure to never give out a client’s personal information for any reason.

Rekey service process

The process of rekeying: The rekeying process involves disassembling the lock down to its cylinder and swapping out the key pins for different size key pins. After the rekey process we check and put it to the test to see if any issues occur. For rekeying, a single misstep can lead to destroying your lock which is why we make sure we have the best technicians on the job. And you reap the rewards from the Rekey Processbest solution without wasting any time.

Avoiding issues: The best way to ensure that your key is working is as follows. Make sure that you are locking correctly and that your lock is working properly. However, if your lock is not working properly while the key is inside, do not force it as this will lead to your key breaking. Rekeying is a cheap option to overcome this issue and at Surf Locksmith we value this service. Depending on your lock and guidance, you can easily work out your decision for the locking system that you might need. Hence, you have several options to rekey the lock: by changing them, customizing them or getting them rekeyed precisely without any issue.

Availability of service: Surf Locksmith Rekey ServiceWe at Surf Locksmith analyze what our client needs, and we deliver. With our rekey service always available at your fingertips you can contact us and resolve any issue which might occur. We are for our customers and believe that they help us grow into a more productive company. That’s why we take feedback very seriously so that the same issue doesn’t occur again.