Broken Car Key Problems

Your car keys just broke. Now what?

A broken car key is one of the most common forms of auto problems. They can be quite a nuisance especially when you rely on your car to perform most of your daily activities. When most of us experience this, we will want to curse out our car keys at the top of our lungs. But the truth is that our car keys are not built to last forever; they tend to wear out after lots of use and they eventually go bad with time.

In addition, broken car keys have many common causes. One of them is putting a key in the wrong lock; many people do this on a daily basis without even realizing it. Other common causes of broken car keys include finding a dent or trying to get your car key out forcefully when it’s stuck etc. To avoid having broken car keys, it is important to handle your keys with the utmost care. Also, avoid using your car keys as bottle openers. Finally, it is important to check your car locks when you have regular car maintenance.

Locksmiths to the rescue

Our locksmith service is a sure bet as we offer services ranging from the following:

  • Key duplication services
  • Lockpicking
  • Removal of debris from old locks
  • Car ignition service and repair
  • Rekeying when necessary
  • Ignition key extraction
  • Repairing a water damaged key
  • Renewal of a worn-out car key

Broken Car Key solutions 24/7

Trained experts from our company are professional and experienced in handling all the leading car brands, new and old models alike. Whether it is a trunk, a utility vehicle, motorbike or a trailer, we can offer a solution to any key- related problems you might have. Our services are very affordable and also reliable.
We offer a 24/7 service and also on-site repair for any broken key situation. We are always ready and willing to come to your aid whenever you are in a distress situation.