Automotive Locksmith Redondo Beach

Surf Locksmith Automotive Services Redondo Beach (424) 672-1022

Surf Locksmith Redondo Beach (424) 672-1022
Surf Locksmith Redondo Beach (424) 672-1022

Our locksmith technicians are industry experts with every single make and model of vehicles.
So all of your automotive locksmith requirements can be made simple and easy with our expert Redondo Beach automotive locksmith services.
Regardless of what locksmith services you need to have with your particular make and model vehicle, our qualified locksmith technicians will have the ability to assist you with everything, from emergency lock outs, car door unlocking, computer chip key reprogramming, locks repaired, key duplication, electronic locks installed or fixed, locks changed, ignitions fixed or replaced, switch locks, key extractions, transponder keys made, trunks opened or unlocked and a great deal of other services!

Surf Locksmiths Company is open and available 24 hours Locksmith Redondo Beach every day of the week and during all major holidays.
The locksmith industry is very unpredictable and you never know when you will need a locksmith; this is why we make ourselves readily available to you. We are ready and able to help you at any time, just call our local locksmith services line (424) 672-1022.
You’ll speak to one of our helpful staff members who will help you to understand the type of service you need and dispatch one of our experts to your locations.
Surf automobile Locksmiths Redondo Beach aim to be with you in 20 minutes or under at any time making us a superfast mobile locksmith, you’ll not find a faster service in the area. Not only are we fast to arrive at your location but we are also competent.
Providing you with only well trained knowledgeable locksmiths, who have many years’of experience and can provide you with an excellent service. We know that Automobile Locksmiths require specialist skills and tools, and we guarantee there is no job our specialists can’t handle.

  • 24 hour Car Lockout
  •  Remote Controls
  • 24 Hour Trunk Lockout
  • Transponder Chip Keys
  • 24 Glove Compartment Lockout
  • Smart Keys
  • Push to Start
  • Key Fobs
  • Door Lock Repair or Replacement
  • Mechanical Laser Cut Keys
  • Ignition Trouble
  • Broken Keys
  • Key Extraction
  • Any Motorized Vehicle
  • Key Reprogramming
  • Ignition Key


Surf Automobile Locksmith Redondo Beach provide high standard, no damage services, quickly and at a customer friendly rate.
Our company is licensed, bonded and insured for you to feel safe, secure and protected, for that just in case moment.
With us you know you are receiving the best, we are able to work with all types of vehicles, of any age and model.

We can provide great locksmith service


  • ACURA                                                                      ALFA ROMEO                                                            AMC
  • ARIEL                                                                        ASTON MARTIN                                                        AUDI
  • AUSTIN HEALEY                                                         BENTLEY                                                                   BMW
  • BUGATTI                                                                   BUICK                                                                       CADILLACCALLAWAY
  • CATERHAM                                                               CHEVROLET
  • CHRYSLER                                                                 CITROEN                                                                   DAEWOO
  • DAIHATSU                                                                 DATSUN                                                                    DE TOMASO
  • DODGE                                                                     EAGLE                                                                       FERRARI
  • FIAT                                                                          FISKER                                                                      FORD
  • GEO                                                                          GMC                                                                         HOLDEN
  • HONDA                                                                     HUMMER                                                                  HYUNDAI
  • INFINITI                                                                    ISUZU                                                                       JAGUAR
  • JEEP                                                                         KIA                                                                           KOENIGSEGG
  • LAMBORGHINI                                                          LANCIA                                                                     LAND ROVER
  • LEXUS                                                                       LINCOLN                                                                   LOTUS
  • MASERATI                                                                 MAYBACH                                                                 MAZDA
  • MCLAREN                                                                 MERCEDES                                                                MERCURY
  • MG                                                                           MINI                                                                         MITSUBISHI
  • MORGAN                                                                  MOSLER / ROSSION                                                   NISSAN
  • NOBLE                                                                      OLDSMOBILE                                                            OPEL
  • PAGANI                                                                    PEUGEOT                                                                  PLYMOUTH
  • PONTIAC                                                                   PORSCHE                                                                  PROTON
  • RAM                                                                         RENAULT                                                                  ROLLS-ROYCE
  • SAAB                                                                        SALEEN                                                                     SATURN
  • SCION                                                                       SEAT                                                                         SHELBY
  • SKODA                                                                      SMART                                                                      SSANGYONG
  • UBARU                                                                     SUZUKI                                                                     TESLA
  • TOYOTA                                                                    TRIUMPH                                                                  VAUXHALL
  • VW                                                                           VOLVO                                                                      WESTFIELD


Plus motorcycles, small trucks, boats and RV’s just about any vehicle. With our wonderful specialist team of technicians we can help you regardless of the type of trouble you are having. Call us and enquire about the service you need (424) 672-1022 we are always happy to answer your questions the best we can. Make the right choice and us Surf Automobile Locksmiths Redondo Beach for professional assistance at all times, easy, pain free service at great prices with exceptional customer relations.